More Empower Network New Member Orientation done by Tracey Walker.

Take the time to listen and takes some notes. This will save you lots of time trying to figuring out stuff.

Come back here any time and look at this as many times as necessary.

To your massive success,


Janet S. Green, the 50+ Online Marketer

[Video] How To Get Started Right in Empower Network: New Member Orientation!

If you are new to Empower Network and are looking to get started right...meaning learning exactly how to blog, what to blog about, etc...

I have something PHENOMENAL for you to tap into


[Video] How To Get Started Right in Empower Network: New Member Orientation!

Hey there!

If you are new to Empower Network and are looking to get started right...meaning learning exactly how to blog, what to blog about, etc...

I have something PHENOMENAL for you to tap into to get all of your "newbie" questions answered.

I created a video that goes over the entire EN back office, what the products are, how to create your posts, how to find the links to the posts you created, and so much more.

It took me 90 minutes of my time to provide this tutorial for you, so you can t least sit down and take 90 minutes of YOUR time to benefit from it and learn how to get started right!

Enjoy and implement!

To your success,


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What does it Take to Build a Successful Business

Nicole Cooper, successful business builder and internet marketing trainer shares her view on what it really takes to build a successful business.

I thought you, my readers, deserved to see this.

Success leaves clues. So wisdom dictates that we should follow the nuggets that successful people share if we want to be successful.

There's a term call Psycho-Neuro Duplication that means when you think what someone thinks and do what they do, you will produce a similiar result. Period.

If you think like a slim person and do what a slim person does, you will eventually become slim. The same way with building a successful business or becoming a millionaire.

I connect with successful people weekly and am learning how they think and implementing what they do and my results are changing. Nicole Cooper is one of those people. I would love to connect you to our team.

If you are ready for some very different results and want to be part of a team of successful business owners, you're on the right page.

Click the banner below and join our team. We are here to help you succeed.

To your massive success,


Janet S. Green, the 50+ Online Marketer

5 Financial Mistakes Boomers Should Avoid Before You Retire

Time to retire? Trying to make sure all your ducks are in a row?

I can relate. This is certainly not the time to make the wrong financial moves.

I came across this article in Yahoo Finance and thought it was important to share it with my customers since most of us are considering retirement.

You must avoid these financial mistakes as you are preparing to retire. These could be the key to making or breaking you. Anyway, who wants to work 40 years, build your nest egg and then make financial decisions that either make you have to go to work again part time or causes you to change your lifestyle altogether.

...I don't and I don't think you do either.

Here are the 5 fiancial mistake every boomer should be on the look out for...

1. 'Upsizing' your spending

2. Taking on too much risk

3. Not taking on enough risk

4. Taking shortcuts on insurance

5.  Assuming longevity

While these may not seem that impactful, they really are. Just one move in the wrong direction could be devastating to the retiring baby boomer.

After your finish reading this post, head on over to Yahoo Finance to get the rest of this story.

In the mean time, if you already know that your retirement funds are going to be less than adequate and you are open to learn how to generate that extra income from home, I'm here to help you with that.

As a matter of fact 5 years ago I realized that my retirement fund/social security was going to either put me under a bridge or at the mercy of friends and family. So I decided to get proactive and 3 years ago I found a lucrative baby boomer friendly solution.

This has opened up many possibilities for my retirement lifestyle. I now know that I have the ability to live my retirement years on my own terms.

Connect with me. I'll show you what I am doing throug a free video. If you like what you see in that video and are ready to put some fire under your retirement nest egg, I welcome you with open arms and my amazing team is here to support you.

To your massive success

Janet S. Green, The 50+ Online Marketer

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How to Maximize Your Gifts and Visions

Everyone has a gift…something special they can do.  We get to choose how we use it…for good or bad. Sometimes people may not recognize it and may not even support. By the same token maybe you have a vision as to how you can use it to bless other people’s lives. Maybe no one in your life sees what you see. You become hostage to what others think and unfortunately, never make steps to walk out the vision.

What you have to remember is that sometimes we are so busy being poor and broke that we don’t take out time to get prosperity or success. We are sometimes so dedicated to crafting out a plan for other people’s success that we forget about our own.

But one day you decide to break free. That’s the day when your gift and your vision align and you begin to take action. You decide that you can actually use what you have to benefit yourself and others around you and catapult yourself into a great future.

How do you maximize that moment? Glad you asked.

Take some time to craft your vision out. Write your vision down. Vision in your head is simple a thought. Remember, at the same time that you have that vision, you have tons of other stuff going on in the same brain. People cannot follow your vision if it’s still in your head. Furthermore, you are very unlikely to run with it either.

Break your thoughts down into small pieces. This keeps the brain from being on overload. Now you can focus and get more things done.

Take some time to think about your gift. Make sure you know what it is. Now you can decide…probably through some trial and error…how to use that gift. Ask yourself questions like this: What do people say that I am good at? What do I love the most? What would I do for the rest of my life if money and time were not an issue? What would I love to do even if I didn’t get paid?

Get a mentor. Connect with people who dream and believe in you and your dream. They are there to guide us. They are there to extract that greatness that is in you. Connect to me and my mentors here. Get different results.

Stop wishing you had what other people have and start using what you have. You really don’t want to go through the process that others did to have what they have. Embrace your own process and gift.

Don’t ever quit!

It’s disrespectful to the creator for us to minimize and de-value the gift he has given by going and burying it or always wanting another’s. You have to believe that your gift and vision have value and you been given them to help others and prosper at the same time.

To your massive success,


Janet Green, The 50+ Online Marketer

P.S. Here’s my team. We are here to help you succeed in life and business. Click the picture below and get connected.

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