Instagram for Business-Do's and Don'ts

If you have been reading my content then you know that I'm using Instagram as a marketing medium. The saying that "A picture is worth a thousand words", is so true. This platform is all about sharing your message through pictures and video. I wanted to share with you why Instagram is a great platform, and some do's and don'ts when looking to build your business.

A huge reason why Instagram is so great is that it's FREE, if you are someone without a marketing budget then this is for you. Also this platform can be used to postion yourself in front of your target market. As marketers we must stay ahead of the curve, Instagram is still an untapped marketing platform.

Your pictures can be seen all across the world, how cool is that? 


Engage and Follow - This is how you build a following on Instagram. If you genuinely like their content like and leave a comment. Make sure the comment is relevant to the post, the key is to be authentic.

Put your Link in your Bio- Make sure people who visit your page can connect with you outside of Instagram. This link can be to a Facebook page, Capture page, Blog, etc. 

Include a Call to Action in your post- Do leave it up to potential customers or prospects to read your mind. If you want them to click a link or visit your site tell them to do so. Without a CTA most might see your picture and move on to the next page. Be selective on which post you put a CTA in, you don't want to over do it.

Use #Hashtags- This is where the your target market is, think key word research. Hashtags allow you to target a specific group of people, instead of aimlessly uploading a picture. If you are sharing a picture about dogs, a cat lover probably won't find any interest in your pictures. So you could use hashtags like #doglover, #mansbestfriend, #Fido, etc. This will put your picture in front of an audience who has an interest in dogs. Instagram will allow you to put up to 30 hashtags in your post. I would suggest keeping it simple, and do not make your hashtags too long.


Spam- Do Not go on to other peoples page asking them to check out your business. People don't like being told what to do, and this will be one of the quickest ways to get reported. This is all about relationship building, remember people buy from people.

Make your account Private- When your business page is private it seems like you might have something to hide.(IMO) You can also be looked at as a spammer, most people won't follow you back. This will result in low engagement for your page.

Write a "Book" in the description box- You only have a few seconds to capture a persons attention. Most people will not read a six paragraph description unless they are already a loyal follower of yours. Save the essays for your blog post. The goal is to be creative and get to the point.

Waste Your Time- Ensure that you set aside time in your day to complete your Income Producing Activities. With Instagram I would suggest setting aside 10-20 mins a few times during the day to post. Don't allow yourself to be easly distracted by looking and liking pictures, the goal is to create engagement and attract new customers and prospects. 

One last tip, I would suggest using Statigram which will allow you to analyze your followers and engagement of your Instagram account. I did a tutorial video on Statigram, click here to view it. I hope that my tips will be helpful to you, as you build your business on Instagram. 


If you are going to do social media marketing, why not do it right. It certainly is more effective if done correctly.

Instagram has definitely made it's mark in the social media world.

Believe it or not wealth and good health is a birthright. Yep I said it.But you still get to choose whether to embrace it or forfeit it.

Check out this story in scripture if you are having issues with that statement. Genesis 25:29-34. Then look at this in 3 John 1:2 and John 10:10

So you are one decision from success in any area of your life. The decision you must make is to Believe!

Believe that you can do it.

Believe that all things are possible

Decide to start building wealth with my team.

See you at the top!

Janet S. Green, The 50+ Online Entrepreneur

P.S. The decisions you make today will affect you for a lifetime.

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Adding Media To A Post


How to Create a HyperLink

1. Using your mouse, highlight the text that you want to make clickable.

2. Click on the Hyperlink button in the Toolbar (this is the button that has a logo that resembles a chain)

3. Paste the link you want to direct someone to in the URL field of the Hyperlink pop-up window.

4. Click the "ok" button in the Hyperlink pop-up window.

By following these steps you will get a link like THIS.

How to insert a clickable image:

1. Choose the TEXT post option

2. In your TEXT post, choose the ADD MEDIA option and insert your image

3. Using your mouse, highlight the image that you want to make clickable.

4. Click on the Hyperlink button in the Toolbar (this is the button that has a logo that resembles a chain)

5. Paste the link you want to direct someone to in the URL field of the Hyperlink pop-up window.

6. Click the "save" button in the Hyperlink pop-up window.


To embed a video:

1: In a TEXT post, place your cursor where you would like to embed your video.

2. Click on the ADD MEDIA button

3. Select the VIDEO option

4. Paste the video URL into the EMBED FROM URL option (you can also choose the UPLOAD FROM COMPUTER or CHOOSE FROM GALLEY options if you have MEDIA HOSTING on your account).


Alternatively, you may also create a video post by logging into your Empower Network Account. On the right side of the page after you log in you can select hover over the blue buttons until you reach the video post option, which is the fourth blue click box from the right. From there fill in the require fields and click add video.



How to Create Success with a Team

I hear people talking about wanting to be a success and wanting to build a successful business, but they don't want to connect with people. That literally is not possible.

That old saying "no man is an island" teaches the concept of team work. We were not created to be alone. This is one of the first lessons that we learn in scripture. God saw that it was not good for Adam to be alone so He gave him Eve.

The importance of teams and community is often underestimated but the truth is teams allow you to leverage the skills and ideas of everyone on the team. This is the thing that will bring massive success in any business.

If your vision for success can be achieved by you alone, the vision is to narrow,..the dream is too small and to be truthful is probably selfish. Dreams that are about enhancing the lives of the masses require teams...even if it's a team of get the job done.

I have been very fortunate to connect with a winning team. We are called the Dream Team because we specialize in helping to make people's dreams come true. We have some of the most giving and supportive leaders and team members that I have ever had the privilege of working with.

If you are trying to build a business and  you want to create success with a team that will impact generations to come, connect with us. You will feel right at home. You can get the support and additional training that you need to reach the goals that you have set for your business.

The BONUSES just for being on the team will blow your mind.

To your massive success,

Janet S. Green, The 50+ Online Marketer

P.S. Connect with me on Facebook so we can get to know each other. I want to share with you some life changing stuff. I want to help you find the success that you deserve. or send me a friend request at


There is a hidden treasure inside of you placed there by our creator, but it can only be released when you learn the conditions of your ideal environment and stay planted.


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